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JHF Red Bow 26

€ 105,55 (inclusief btw 21%)
Productcode 2902603-XS-SKY
Productcode leverancier TX2902601

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2902601 Regular in S t/m 4XL
2902602 Slim Fit in S t/m XXL

2902603 Dames in XS t/m 4XL

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J.Harvest & Frost Red Bow 26 The Nail Head Square Superior

The incredible, luxurious fabric of the shirt is calles >>Pin Head Square Wave<<. It is obvious that the person wearing this shirt, truly has style, Our model is crafted in the finest fabric, designed to bring out the vibrant rich colors of the pattern. Sophosticated contrast fabric, soft button down collar, flat front placket and a split yoke at back, are just some other details making it the styling statement that it is. The included matching handkerchief (men) or the cuff links (women) helps you ad the finishing touch.

  • Men or Ladies shirt 2 colors
  • Red Bouw line
  • Pin head square wave
  • Matching handkerchief to help you set the standard
  • Solid colors
  • Machine washable
  • Non-iron patented environmental treatment
  • Long staple 2-ply compact coton for the beste possible result
  • Split back yoke ensures smooth contoured shoulders and a greater range op motion
  • Taped main-seams help the shirt look sharp and neat wash after wash, no wrinkles
  • Semi cut-away collar
  • Longe sleeve. Singel angel-cuff, with extra buttonhole for cuff links
  • Tall, 4mm thick buttons for a substantial and modern feeling
  • Curved hem
  • Pasvorm regular, slim fit, dames

Nieuw in 2018


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€ 105,55

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